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Reshaping Workplace Culture

Clowney Consulting Group (CCG)

CCG provides consulting and workplace harassment training for Fortune 500 companies, governmental entities, colleges and universities. CCG's successful proactive workplace assessment and training positively reshapes the workplace culture and reduces the potential for workplace conflicts, legal liability, large monetary settlements and negative publicity.  



Charmaine Clowney, JD



Charmaine Clowney, JD
Clowney Consulting Group

Charmaine, attorney, speaker, author and educator, is one of the nation's leading experts on employment law, federal contract anti-discrimination compliance laws, harassment prevention, diversity and organizational change.As Assistant District Director for the US Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Ms. Clowney investigated workplace discrimination and harassment complaints, and in addition, she presented employment law training seminars and webinars for private, public and governmental organizations.


Charmaine has held executive Vice Chancellor leadership positions with prominent universities including the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education's Office of the Chancellor. A nationally known higher education diversity expert, Ms. Clowney is a humorous and engaging speaker and highly effective trainer. 


Charmaine, along with nationally known higher education diversity expert, Dr. Damon Williams, co-authored

"Strategic Planning for Diversity and Organizational Change-A Primer for Higher-Educational Leadership,"  one of the nation's leading academic papers for training diversity and equal employment opportunity compliance managers, investigators and attorneys. 


Clowney has successfully conducted investigations, training, HR audits and mediation for leading Fortune 500 companies.


In recognition of her distinguished United States government career as Assistant District Director for the US Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), Charmaine was presented a Certificate of Honorable Service by former United States Department of Labor Secretary, the Honorable Thomas E. Perez.


A speaker and writer, Charmaine regularly appeared as an employment law commentator on the nationally acclaimed, Emmy Award winning Wisconsin Public Broadcasting (PBS) business show, Dollar Signs.


She received her B.A. degree from the University of South Carolina and a J.D. with honors from John Marshall Law School, Atlanta. 





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 Charmaine Clowney

Effective Practices for Academic Leaders


CCG has 30+ years of expertise as trainers, consultants and investigators in high level human resources executive and legal positions for private and public-sector organizations, governmental entities, colleges and universities. Having first-hand knowledge and expertise, we proactively "root out," resolve and prevent harassment before it results in expensive, time consuming lawsuits. 










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